The Business of Political Campaigns

Any tech blog on political campaigns will readily tell you this: if you decide to run for office, then a good grasp of the right campaign fundamentals will mark.. 

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You and Your Vote: Why You Matter

There used to be a time when the ‘regular’ and the ‘ordinary’ people did not really have a say when it came to any sort of decision regarding their welfare. 

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Pursuing a Career in Politics

If you think you’re being called to public service,
if you think you really enjoy being on the giving end
of things in the public sphere, then maybe you
should consider a career in politics.

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Political Campaigns and the Need for Funds

So, here’s the thing: if you’re running or thinking of running for office, there are bound to be lots
of questions running through
your head.

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Milena Adamian

Milena Adamian is a political strategist. With a masters degree in Political Science and a PhD in legal management, Milena is highly adept and skillful when it comes to drafting political plans and making sure that they are carried out. She writes for this website as part of her service to her people.