FAQs Page

  • Why should you vote?

There are plenty of reasons why you should vote. But perhaps, one of the most common and the strongest reason as to why you should vote is that because it’s a way for you to make your voice heard.

  • What good is there to be had if your favored candidate does not win anyway?

The truth is, even if your favored candidate does not win, there’s still a considerable amount of significance in knowing that you did your part. At the end of the day, what matters is that in your heart of hearts, in the silence of your own little corner, you can say for a fact that you did what you saw needed to be done.

  • How do you win a political campaign?

Here’s some elementary logic for you: don’t run unless you have a chance to win. Some political campaign tell stories or legends that go this way: if you run enough times, you then increase your chances of winning. In real and actual experience, however, it is the reverse that is true.

  • Do you need to be financially prepared for political campaigning?

Yes, you most certainly do. In a lot of circumstances, you need to be able to shell out money on your own, before you ask for help from other people or other sources. At least ensure that you’re enjoying a level of financial independence.

  • Why is it a mistake to forget to make or set a campaign budget?

Well, a campaign budget already sets up your campaign plan – what areas to focus on, what materials you need to buy, how many people you need for the plan to be carried out, and many other aspects. That’s why forgetting to set a campaign budget also tends to make you forget what you’re really there for.

  • Can you expect immediate positive results when you use social media for political campaigns?

No, of course not. You need to be ready to put in a lot of work even into your social media campaign. Post regular updates, and exert the effort to be as authentic as possible.