Political Campaigns and the Need for Funds

How do you get funds for your campaign?


So, here’s the thing: if you’re running or thinking of running for office, there are bound to be lots of questions running through your head.  One question, though, is probably at the forefront.  First time candidates and political pros alike start each election cycle with the same query: where will you find the money you need to win this election?

It’s actually a good thing that you find yourself here, instead of in some random tech blog that won’t teach you much. Here are a few tips on how to get that funding.



Top Sources for Your Political Campaign

Personal Savings


If you don’t plan to contribute anything to your own campaign, how can you expect anyone else to?  Many potential contributors will scoff at financing a first-time candidate who won’t even donate to his or her own campaign.  Of course, you needn’t go broke contributing to your campaign, and different candidates have different size bank accounts – but you simply must give something before you can expect others to do the same.

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Friends and Family

Starting a political campaign is a lot like starting a business.  And much like a new business owner seeking start-up funds, a new candidate should first tap those who he or she knows best.  Approach family, friends, and business contacts – your entire network.  Those who know you are more likely to support your candidacy financially than those who don’t know you.

Past Donors

If you’ve run for office before, be sure to contact all of the people who gave to your last campaign, whether you won or lost.  They have already invested in you and your political career, and they want you to do well, so they are very likely to give to your campaign again.

If you didn’t win last election, then maybe you should have done something back then. Always have a well-checked plan before going through.

Your Friends’ Friends

People are more likely to give money to a cause when someone they know and trust asks for it personally.  Gather your family, best friends and closest contacts together and ask them to solicit donations for your campaign from within their own circles.

Explain your platform carefully so they can understand. Like announcing that the angkas promo code for new user is best used when you’re with a companion or with the group. They can get their drive for joining you in your campaign through this.