Pursuing a Career in Politics

Common Mistakes People Make When Running For Office


If you think you’re being called to public service, if you think you really enjoy being on the giving end of things in the public sphere, then maybe you should consider a career in politics. Of course, if you ever consult any tech blog about, you will see that it’s not as easy as looking for the right promo codes when you go online shopping. There are several things you have to remember, as well as several mistakes that you need to avoid making.



Entrusting your campaign in the hands of a committee might not be a good idea.


First mistake: doing a ‘campaign by committee’. This is a mistake from the outset. This mistake usually occurs when well-intentioned people decide a candidate needs help or when a candidate thinks their race is too small to pay for any assistance, or doesn’t want to hire a professional campaign advisor or manager. What usually happens with committees is that you end up spending hours and hours planning, without any real and reliable result.

Second mistake: choosing to run for the wrong office. With dozens of seats open each election cycle, there are always people who decide to run for the wrong office.  In their mind, they may be best suited for the office they choose, but that may not be the case.  Other times, people choose to run for an office because they think it comes with power and prestige.  Running for a political office will be one of the hardest endeavors you’ll ever undertake.

img4Third mistake: forgetting to set a campaign budget. Forgetting to set a campaign budget often leads to disastrous results, mainly because you’ll be tempted to overspend without clear direction or purpose. Failing to set a budget failing to identify the items or the aspects in your campaign that needs financing, the things that need to be emphasized or focused on.


As much as possible, be aware of these common mistakes. Once you’ve pegged down what you need for your campaign, you can then be really careful in setting up what you need to practise and what you need to avoid.