Tapping Social Media for Your Political Campaigns

Social media platforms are excellent for campaigns, when used right.


If you ever decide to run for public office in this day and age, then that means you are going to have to embrace certain technological advancements in the spirit of improving your campaign process and system. Whether you’re in a national election or in a municipal runoff, social media for political campaigns can effectively mobilize your audience. However, it takes the right strategy to make the most of your outreach and to avoid common mistakes.




Some Do’s and Don’ts When Using Social Media for Campaigns



Be human: No one wants to follow the tweets of someone who solely brags about themselves. Maximize your social media platforms and use them to show your personality, favorite teams, photos with the family, etc. Share photos of people, real-time stories, and videos from the campaign trail and at political events.

Combine it with other marketing: Make sure links or references to your social networks are included in your TV ads, direct mail pieces, billboards, and radio commercials. An example is when you let them avail of black Friday beauty deals and then post your platform with it. Just make sure everything in the post is legal and legit.

Provide consistent updates: Set aside a time to plan and schedule posts. If budget allows, consider adding a social media specialist to the team.


Post provocative photos and videos: If you’d be too embarrassed for your grandmother to see what you’ve posted on social media, it’s likely inappropriate for political campaigns. For every virtually unknown candidate who was able to mobilize a base successfully using Facebook and Twitter and get elected, there are more candidates whose political dreams were ruined by unflattering social media exposure.

Be sensitive enough to know that what supposed to be respected somehow and if you post it with all those crazy poses, someone might have an unkindly reaction to it.

Expect to reach everyone: While social media usage is growing in older demographics, sit may not be the optimal way to reach them. The takeaway here is not to rely solely on social media, but to have multiple outreach methods. Direct mail and TV are still really popular amongst this demographic.

Expect a magic bullet: Social media can be remarkable form of outreach, but it should be one of many ways you get the word out about your campaign. The more diverse your media mix is, the more you increase the opportunities that you’ll be found.

You can always opt to do necessary measures to make yourself famous all over the internet world. If you buy targeted traffic to your website you will have to pay more, of course, but make sure what you instill is always true and positive.

In the end, your decision will also entail a lot of action on your part. You can think of it as cheaper shopping as possible only if you shop online and look for promo codes yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with expensive prices forever.